ABOUT JEDDAH…place where  there is my beluved dad..

The second largest city after Riyadh, it is the
main port of the Kingdom on the Red Sea and main gate
through which most of the pilgrims arrive by air and
sea to perform Umrah, Haj or to visit the two holy
mosques. Area inhabited is more than 1,500 km, and
population is more than one and half million. Jeddah
is an industrial and active commercial center, with
modern features, squares and courtyards. It is an
important tourism center, with an eighty kilometer
long beautiful corniche on the Red Sea coast. Jeddah
also comprises the King Abdul Aziz University, King
Abdul Aziz International Airport and Jeddah Islamic
Port. King Fahd Fountain is located inside the Red
Sea, near the coast, is an outstanding feature of the
port of Jeddah particularly during the night when it
sends beautiful colored water up to two hundred and
sixty meters.

The name Jeddah meaning the "Ancestor of Women" is
attributable to the tomb in the city which is believed
to belong to Eve. Today, it is not however possible to
see that interesting place since the Saudi Arabian
government had the tomb destroyed for the reason that
it would instigate perversions in the religion. Jeddah
which gained importance during the Ottoman rule, was
incorporated into the Kingdom of Hejaz and later came
under the British control. It joined the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia in 1927.


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