be carefull gurlz…

We’ve all heard of finding love on the Internet. But what if you had to carry out a relationship via email? Here a few relationtips on email dating… check it out girlz…

TIPS : How to tell if he’s for real… ?

1. If he seems too good to be true – he probably is! (very few dotcom billonaires with model looks & athletic six-packs trawl chat rooms looking for Miss Right)

2. Be wary of a man who will only communicate via email – especially if he has an address from a free service provider like hotmail, yahoo..etc. If he is reticent to hand over a phone number or tell you where he works, chances are he’s hiding something – lika a WIFE !

3. Don’t trust a man who uses emoticons (frequently uses) – those twee little smiley faces created by keyboard characters. It’s a bit try-hard for a grown man, don’t you think? The same goes for spelling and punctuation – do you really want to be involved with a man who expresses his feelings with "i luv u" ?

4. Don’t be misled by smooth cyber-talk. If he starts laying on the compliments about aspects of your personality that he could not have possibly ascertained purely from correspondence, back away. What you have here is an e-sleaze. The most genuine of email romancers are the ones who not quite the best at it yet but are persevering bcos’ you inspire them to.

5. Finally, under no circumstances should you reveal your phone number or address to a man you’ve just met online. This is the kind of information that should only be swapped after a face-to-face meeting with him, when you’ve looked into his eyes and believe that you can trust him.

So… be careful gurlz…


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