citer btol ni..

Moga kita boleh ambil iktibar… … … ..

There’s one asian muslim lady, pakai tudung and with
good akhlak.One nigth this lady was on her way home,
walking all by herself. Since she finished job late,
she decided to take the short
cut to her house.She walked at an isolated lorong and
the surroundings made her feel very uncomfortable.

Tiba-tiba dia nampak ada one guy (white American male)
standing againts the wall kat tepi lorong tu. Dia rasa
takut & tak sedap hati… all that she can do was pray
to Allah for her safety… .dia
baca ayat kursi dgn penuh pengharapan agar Allah
membantu dia di saat tu.

Masa she passed by that guy, dia sempat tengok muka
lelaki tu.Fortunately that guy buat tak endah jer and
this lady selamat sampai ke rumah dia.

The next morning, this lady terbaca dlm newspaper that
an american lady had been raped by an unknown stranger
dekat lorong yg dia jln semalam just 10 minutes after
she passed that lorong. She was very positive that the
guy she saw last nigth was the rapist. So she went to
lodge a police report & became a witness to the rape
case.She identified the rapist and after further
investigation the police had proved that the guy was
really the

rapist.This muslim lady hairan juga why that man tak
rape dia masa dia lalu kat lorong tu, but rape the
next passer by at that lorong. She really wants to she asked for permission to
talk to the rapist before any punishment dijatuhkan…
.She asked the rapist "Why dont U do anything to me on
that nigth even though you know that I’m alone?"

The rapist jawab… "No you are not alone.That nigth I
saw two young man walking with U.One on ur right side
& the other one was by your left side.If U were alone
of course U will be my

That muslim lady was very supprised to hear the
answer… … dia bersyukur ke hadrat Allah kerana
memelihara dia malam tu,may be juga berkat ayat Kursi
yg dia baca mlm tu.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Jika kita sebagai hambaNya menurut
segala perintah & meninggalkan segala laranganNya, Dia
pastinya akan sentiasa dekat dgn kita & memelihara
kita.That muslim lady
pertama-tamanya menutup aurat dan memang muslimah yg
menjaga batas2 yg ditetapkan Islam.Mungkin 2 org
lelaki yg menemani wanita itu adalah maliakat yg
diutuskan Allah utk menjaga hambaNya yg sentiasa ingat
akan diriNya.Ayat kursi
sememangnya adalah ayat pelindung yg mustajab…
selalulah amalkannya. Imagine if U are the kind of
person yg selalu ingkar suruhan Allah,kufur dgn
nikmatnya, sambil lewa beribadat… .can U get a
special treatment from Allah? balasan allah tu boleh
datang semasa didunia lagi… .di akhirat kelak memang
pasti kerana itu janji Allah. So, renug2kanlah…
..dimana level ‘iman’ kita sekarang


3 thoughts on “citer btol ni..

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