luxembourg ^^

‘Luxembourg City, maintains a tranquil air of antiquity as well as frequently playing host to financial-world leaders and EU officials.’

The capital city of Luxembourg and an important government city for the European Union, Luxembourg City is today a modern and sophisticated which despite the country’s rough past, has a very prosperous looking future. This is a city which is a very nice and pleasant place to live, where the people are all friendly and relaxed and where you will find Europe’s highest per capita income. The are a surprising variety of attractions here and among the most interesting are the historical buildings in Luxembourg, which chronicle the city’s long history. One of those building’s is the Palace of the Grand Dukes, which is a wonderful sight from the 16th century. The selection of galleries and museums in the city is also very good and Luxembourg City museums such as the National Museum of History and Art, the Museum of History of the City of Luxembourg and the National Museum of Natural History are all very popular and very informative. Restaurants in Luxembourg City are varied and extensive and all sorts of international cuisine can be found here. Hotels in Luxembourg City range from the old and charming lodgings, to the modern day upscale and business type hotels, which are quite expensive. This is a wonderful and friendly city with a long and interesting history.

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