The big day is coming up..for QT *^^*

To someone who makes me enjoy my life n fun to be called a big sis…
I owe a great deal of my luv knowlege and exposure to be a good sis.
6 years? …
Here’s to many more…insya Allah..
This birthday supposedly heralds the beginning of the best years of your life. Now that’s something to look forward to.
May you enjoy da dayz of being pampered..heh
May your day be full of joy and happiness as well as all your dreams and wishes come true. May the world always be as beautiful for you as you make it for others. Hope you have a wonderful birthday with all those you hold dear, and many, many more!
 Felicidades !!!!!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY

And also..i juz want u to know..dat no matter how old u get..
I’ll alwitz be there ….to NAG u…heh..^^

10 thoughts on “The big day is coming up..for QT *^^*

  1. that was so sweet of u kak syifa’ .. lucky syaida to hav a sis like u.and ni bwt saya agree dgn kak nadia ni 😉 dgr tu, balik2 la salu

  2. hehe~btoi2..join venture ngan syahirah..kitorg ade special mission tuk syifa’..hehe,kan syahirah,kan?kan?..nak soh syifa’ masuk club tembam kitorg..kuikuikui

  3. aduii akak ni mmg bwt lawak je. xpe, doctor nadia dah sediakan cara2 nak naikkan pipi tu .. bia smpai tembam.saya just duk blkng bising2 sokong kak nadia .. hihi smngt je

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