u can feel down bro..but..

dedicated to my beluved wonderful bro..
well..people do feel down sumtimes..
people do feel distress sumtimes..
people do feel sad sumtimes..
so it wont b ur fault to feel like dat..
coz  datz wut z so-called human..
remember..failure is a usual thing in human life n how we manage to stand up, again from da mud n da muddle is the measurement of how strong we r.. 
so after u feel down or wut..do grab back ur strength n wipe all da probs from ur mind n hustle them to the pass..so they can b ur guidance in the future..
stick to diz kata kata..from nabi idris a.s. … good to be memorized..
1. Kesabaran yang disertai iman kepada Allah s.w.t. membawa kemenangan. <<for da time bein, juz sabar..no need to feel messy..any target,aim it well..put more effort..but do it in proper n wif sabar..not in clumsiness n klam kabut..da most important..sabar in waitin da result..*^^*>>

2. Orang yang bahagia adalah orang yang merendah diri dan mengharapkan syafaat dari Tuhannya dengan amal-amal solehnya. <<not to say diz has any relation wif ur condition now but if u add diz in ur life..or strenghthen it..u’ll feel enuff wif wut u hav now n accept wut Allah gives in lapang dada..alwitz happy n bahagia^_~>>   

3. Bila kamu memohon sesuatu daripada Allah s.w.t. dan berdoa, maka ikhlaskanlah niatmu. Demikian pula puasa dan sembahyangmu. <<well..i’m sure u can see my meanin obviously .. can b related easily rite..doa will calm urself down..as it alwitz means Allah is alwitz beside u..next time(i think,still long  way to go..eheh) accompany ur effort wif doa n ikhlas..insya Allah the Almighty will helps>>

so..where’s da fire munzir?
u have grown up..
reality bites..
n da curse backfires..
control it well…*^^*
..all da bess my dear charmin bro..

6 thoughts on “u can feel down bro..but..

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