my kawan yg bising tu..umi..hepi besday

to kawan yg bising sgt mulutnye..suka lawan gaduh mulut..
umi hana……………
happy birthday…sket je lagi nak masuk ramadhan besday tu..sian je..eheh..
nothin much can say..juz wish n hope u’ll have all doz sweet memories in d age of 20..
n of coz la with test n tribulance from Allah dat will make ur life sweeter..we cant expect only da good one rite..
and not to say if it is bad, it will ruin ur dat..
good n bad experience are a part of life..n sumhow..if a part does not exist..u’ll feel incomplete in ur life..
all da bess dear..
wat wat la azam baru sket sempena besday ni..such as kurgkan lawan mulut ngan syifa’ ke..lebih2kan patuh pada kata2 syifa’ ke..eheh..
nah..amik kat bawah tu..kad besday utk awak..*^^* ..dgn senang ati nye saya menyampaikan kad tu..

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