my lady nada… 21 years of life were completed..congratz!!

Thank You For Being There..., Mother In-Law Birthday Cards lady is celebratin her special day….
21 u r … starting from today…so act as a sis to me ok..hiihi…
well, the time goes by…
memory creates the time..
happiness cheer the memories…
u help findin the happiness…
n i’m alwitz beside u…
to sibuk sibuk sumbangkan happiness..^^
u don mind rite?
in fact..u long for it…hihii..i guessed well..dont deny *chuckled*
a lot of things have changed thru da years,
but there’s sumthing that’ll alwitz be da same..
itz da special bond we share,
that keeps us close no matter where we are…whether kiwi, seoul, gombak or shah alam..or even nilai..heh..
grateful to Allah, gave u the chance to complete ur 21 years of life..
may they were fulfilled wif ibadah n share for u ‘there’..
n may diz new number of age be the chance to add them more…
wishing u a very sweet birthday…with a splash of  joy n fun…
missed u, missin u, n miss u .. i will  
kejar kejar la sheeps kt wellington tu salu…jgn dok hibernate dlm bilik je..*do u?..heh..
men layang layang ke .. bile lg nk jmpa angin sekuat welli nye angin..

One thought on “my lady nada… 21 years of life were completed..congratz!!

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