smapk my life..

as if things aren’t hectic enuff, i manage to steal diz lil time to memorize my childhood back there in alwits be like diz when i’m in my 정신 못차려가진 기간, coz all doz times were sumthing rili nice to remember, healin my pain facin da books, disappearin my sympathy to my brain as if it works sooo hard [ to my level .. i think yes ] ..heh..
well, cud we call the time as childhood?…i’m not sure, but wutz for sure, i categorized myself as a child there, the place where i started learnin da meaning of life, the feelin to appreciate friends beside me, the reminder to straighten my life n all doz life..
i felt sorry for people who never experienced the life in boarding school..eheh..well, bcoz dat 2 buildings of ASPURI rili cheered up my life back there, n d area of federal islamic secondary school of kajang gave me things to memorize very well..i can’t verbalize my feelings bout the pink greeny school, the life in age between 13 to 17, the damn great clique, the hu-ha legenderz batch, n all doz wonderful teachers, not to forget the line of strict wardens we had [but i’m sure i was out of da strict rule] ..aha…things cud not get any fabulous i think..
i cant help to miss da duties to check dorms every morning, guard the pintu pagar, watch over to those who like to babble n blab in assembly period, rampas baju ‘haram’ ..n they are proudly called tasks for pp.. n of course if specifically go for BKBKC, sum great tasks rili demanded our attention n not to mention time..heh..lelong baju ‘halal’, make statistic for keceriaan n kebersihan dorm, announce da in-demand results weekly, buy hampers to the winners at d end of years, n yet, the unforgettable biggest exaggerated task, GOTONG-ROYONG!! sampai rasa muka sdri pon dah macam berus sabut yg salu dok agih kt bebudak puteri tu..yup, still remembered da time when i had a ‘ngade2’ fight with zawani, debating whose bureau had more duties… lame..x tau sape menang…
dis duty n responsibilities rili tot me to be a leader, tot me wut is leadership, urge me to take my gut to ‘laser’ students who liked to break da school rules [heh..cant say a word for diz], to face doz who liked to stomp around complainin about most of da things…yeah..human…alwitz like dat…didn’t bother i am a human too..
i am fully looking forward to repeating da time of being akak senior, who had to conduct orientation which forced me to act like a fierce one in da hall, needed me to bear my smile when givin orders n conductin them to queue da time when receivin all doz special deliveries from luvly frenz, cute juniors, akak2 yg bekenan kt diri ni..eheh…n ehem..from boyz?? n of coz while da delivery times, org len sibuk2 compare baper dpt, sape bg, ape dia tulis..eheh..not to say me..gee…
da time when assembled in bilik pp, intended to study but ended up with chatting n talking in front of doz heavy thick chemical n biology books, n of coz da accompanies were doz pp yg menghuni bilik pp tu jugak .. eheh…was i da beginner to da talks and forced everyone to leave their books? i donno..maybe yes…coz i used to b the one who talked a lot..n malas nk study??!! hmm..actually not bcoz bilik study form 5 was not good, but bcoz bilik pp got carpet..cud take any position we want while studyin, hook or crook [heh..] i felt comfortable there..
waiting for a holiday was rili nice to b experienced…but then, when da holiday period came, i impatiently waited for school to open back..for da feelin of losing doz laugh n time with frenz made me sick… n of coz cudnt wait for da time to share all doz ‘lame’ story bout calls, emails, chats,tv programmes n so….to da frenz out there who did share doz time with me…heh..thank u sooo much…for willin to listen da ‘x matang’ stories…*chuckled*i am imaging doz faces yg sabar mendengar. to the people, u noe u were da one, rite?*
da 1-3 neptune gangs were so great, tq guyz…for creatin a bunch of sweet n sour memories in my life. stickin in my mind da time when i was doin Geog presentation, when i got bad reactions from doz straight puteraz. n da event asked me to forget da career of teachin since it showed i am not good in talking n teachin, n it leaded me to a phobia feeling to do presentation..ouh..soo bad…till now, in korea still, i guess [ eventho doz puteraz are not here now ] . itz so funny when i got to remember da moments when we had cat n dog fight about class keceriaan,da one i most hate when it came to deal wit puteraz. sumhow, i missed da time..rili. With da left notes under desk, contengan on desk n calendar [anybody who remembers diz thing??..hii..], sabotages in locker, eheh..oso gifts in locker..[i guees locker is da place where evil n gud spirit met], kantoi part in singin [happened all da time..ouchh], ‘da top 5 list’, torture by akakz..n yeah,cudnt state further..they are juz too much..
n not to forget 4-5 kejora, da silence there rili brought up da trademark of kejorian… fact, i was gettin sick wit da silence n struggle spirit persistently in da class [esp when i came from da havoc neptune in lower form] but i guessed i’d been in a good training in da 1st months of fourth former…so after dat, i got used to…
well, form 4 rili asked me to escape many classes as we had to deal with all doz pp n societies stuffs…til came to da cronic one,we juz didnt go to school, preparing for a delegation from kelantan to visit…heh..berasap cikgu bio kitorg…n was dat wut we called honey moon year???…if we say escaping classes are da one which brings up da title..well..itz a yes…a honey moon year for me. but if to say a bundle of duties, homeworks, projects and tasks ethically oppose da title, well.. i think i juz have to cancel da title of my 4th former life…
if it hadn’t been da academic flunkin results in form 4, i juz loved da time we spent over…so great, with da clique [oh yeah, we got closer n totally bonded in form 4], da netball n handball team n practices, oso not forgettin da handball for upper form putera[anybody senses sumthin ere?..i mean, anybody who knows da story..heh..]well..they were juz wonderful as they be…
ramadhan in smap was juz luvly..fastin with frens, who oso da spm victims…outing for pasar ramadhan, breakin da fast in dining hall with legenderz, n not to emphasize bunyi2 bising construction toilet yg distract our attention every evening. of coz, every 4.30 on weekdays, we rushed to bilik tv, juz to watch da lame kisah percintaan betty..aha..lame lame pon, x kisah la yg otai2 ke, yg lembut2 ke, yg alim2 ke, yg scheme study ke…sume pon tgk…di situ sgt trase smgt batch…*gee..chuckled*
tq smap for da memories…tq teachers n wardens for scoldin n lecturin us..eheh..[part mengajar tu sume org tau kn],tq legenderz for standin tall togehter…tq my clique for supportin each other till now..tq all doz dear smapians for contributin a series of memories in my sweet life…
*misz da life..misz da guys..misz da buildings..misz to be a secondary school student*
*legenderz : as da time goes..we can’t help to become far apart…but da important thing is, yet we stil, close in heart…i hope n i pray for dat…*
*n to da 8 members of buddiez..sorry for lama x chat n babble lately, cant help to bury myself wit diz books. we’ll find da time in june, insya Allah..diz memoir is oso urs..thanx dear sweethearts*

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