cadbury salmonella??

Cadbury salmonella scare probed

Dairy Milk chocolate

Cadbury said the withdrawal was a "precautionary measure"

An investigation is under way after Cadbury withdrew a million chocolate bars which may have been contaminated with a rare strain of salmonella.

The company says the recall – while the Food Standards Agency and the Health Protection Agency investigate – is precautionary and that the risk is low.

But a bacteriologist says there is no safe level for salmonella in chocolate.

The possible contamination has been traced to a leaking pipe at a Cadbury’s plant in Herefordshire in January.

Samples were sent to an independent laboratory after the leak was discovered at the Marlbrook plant, and the montevideo strain of salmonella was identified.

Government watchdog the Health Protection Agency (HPA) confirmed the strain and, a week ago, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) was alerted.

Dairy Milk Turkish 250g
Dairy Milk Caramel
Dairy Milk Mint bars
Dairy Milk 8 chunk
Dairy Milk 1kg bar
Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg 105g
10p Freddo bar

On Monday, Cadbury officially informed the FSA of the possible contamination of the seven products.

The 250g Dairy Milk Turkish, Dairy Milk Caramel and Dairy Milk Mint bars, the Dairy Milk 8 chunk and the 1kg Dairy Milk bar are among products affected.

The 105g Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg and the Freddo bar were also affected.


**mungkin kita bleh katakn hanya terjadi di europe?

**mungkin kita masih bleh makan cadbury dan bertawakkal kepada Allah?

**mungkin bismillah 20x bleh menghapuskn risiko bahaya cadbury yg tercemar ini?

**adakah mungkin sy masih bleh mkn cadbury dgn aman damai?? ㅠㅠㅠ

my cadbury..~~~ bleh kah idop tanpa cadbury??


7 thoughts on “cadbury salmonella??

  1. ada salmonella??hmm..bahaya tu..dia boleh menyebbkn diarrhea (cirit birit) or may also dysentry (ada darah dlm stool)..baru je blaja psl makhluk,be careful la ye chocoholics sekalian..dh ramai kwn sy kat sni admitted sbb gastroenteritis–ada kaitan  memakan contaminated food eg with bacteria..

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