blabbin time…suddenly

Wahai kawanku, Usahlah bertarung idea tanpa adabnya!!! Berdebatlah jika kiranya berbuahkan kebaikan. Awasilah pertengkaran kerana di sana ada unsur lain yg membisikkan. Syaitan namanya !!!~


suddenly feeling like to jot sumthin ere..

rentetan dari ape yg berlaku dlm idop n my surroundin lately..

byk kisah plak ttbe..

no offense nebody..

it is juz a reminder to myself..n of coz urs..if u happen to wanna have sumthin for mengingatkn hati…

above, one of isi wasiat imam hasan al banna..isi ke 4 x silap..

n yeah…a thing that is way being emphasized by rasulullah many many times b4..

which sumtimes we simply forgot..

or simply let our mind be controlled by emotion.. or shud i say ’emo’..heh

and simply let the emotion be controlled by syaitan…

who will juz applause n cheer when we follow itz guideline…heh..

sapekah yg rugi?


rasulullah??…he did gave us reminder…


syaitan or us?

sumtimes…we firm to hold diz line…a sabda by rasulullah…

"janganlah engkau marah"

which was being repeated 3 times..

showed us how important diz reminder is..


when it comes to practical..

simply fail

in a blink..

we forget wut we used to firm with

mainan minda kah?

kelemahan emosi kah?

kegoyahan iman kah?

x perlu utk emo..

x perlu utk hangin..

x perlu utk melenting..

if it happens to be our fault..

take it as a border not to step over later

if it happens to be their fault..

take it as a test of sabar…

which if we manage to pass it..

we are the one who will be luved by Allah more..

dont we want dat??

so syifa….do it as u ask them to….

not a gud leader if cakap x srupe bikin…-quoted n modified from surah as-shoff

*enuff of blabbin*

-study time-

n to any debater whom it may concern..thanx for da ‘wasiat’..berdebat jika ada kebaikan ye..gud luck for ur xm too..ㅎㅎxtau apesal dikaitkn skali


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