look on da brighter side..~

if u r afflicted with a misfortune,look on d brighter side.
if sumone were to hand u a glass full of squeezed lemons,add to it a handful of sugar.
n if sumone gives u a snake as a gift,keep its precious skin n leave d rest.

"and it maybe that you dislike a thing that is good for u.." (2:216)
sumtimes we juz simply din noe wut is da best for us..
so mulut tu penuh la dgn bicara bicara merungut x puas ati ng ape yg kita dapat..
perlu kah?
ketentuan Allah yang terbaik..
if not this time..maybe other time will be ours..
rezeki bukan setiap masa melimpah pada kita…
Allah pn nak uji tahap iman kita..
alwitz in da comfort zone..
we will alpa n leka..
positive thinking..
eventho it is obviously giving us da bad part..
try to discover da gud part n make use of it..
then we will be satisfied..

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