C.O.O.L engineers..~

ok…since last entry was way too emo…which is stil xpressin myself today…
let us cheer it up with diz bias article..which of coz la my answer is cool engineer…
no offence to aini tasnim ijah zawani nadiya yeah…~
yet..credit to me n maisarah n other kgkwn korea ini..heheh~
neway..doc guyz…u all do a great job actually..juz by pointin medic into ur life..respect u for dat…
medical vs engineer.
M: Medical
E: Engineer

M: they memorize every inch of the
book and write the same thing on exam

E: they understand every inch of the
book, table, graph. and refer them
back in exam paper.

M: they studied things that discovered
in the past and rarely heard about

E: they studied things that discovered
in the past, things that invented
today, things to be done tomorrow, and
improved new things every hours.

M: they studied for large amount of
years, and still at the same level for

E: they studied less amount of years,
and improve skills of level years by

M: they worked to save live.

E: they worked to risk live.

M: they dont have a specific work
schedule. sometimes called in the
middle of the night.

E: its always from 9 am to 5 am.

M: they have a steady salary and
seldomly increased. especially when
they are not specialized.

E: the salary never decreased. it
always increased by years.

M: they didnt have much holidays.

E: they have holidays like others.

M: they seldomly go for outstation
unless there is event.

E: there is always oppurtunity for
outstation, and it is part of the work.

M: they need lot of people to assist
them for an operation.

E: they assist a lot of people for an

M: a little mistake is fatal.

E: a little mistake is tolerance.

M: they work with fate and faith.

E: they work with certainty and

M: they go home with chemical odor.

E: they go home with human odor.

M: they have to deal with mental,
social, and emotion.

E: they only deal with physical.

M: they work with equipement engineer
develope everyday.

E: they seek for medical for healthy

M: medic student only go for certain
field and rarely have a chance to do
something differ from what they
specialized for.

E: engineer can do a lot of thing for
example they can get involved in
various type of engineering.

now do you think which profesionalism
is COOL?


10 thoughts on “C.O.O.L engineers..~

  1. wow..dis article is s0000000 unfair..hihi..but guess wat,a survey was done among msians n they said doctors r d people they most trust..heheh..

  2. sy tgh pening bace surgery nih..so i’d like to spill out my thoughts here..^^
    1. do u know wat kind of brain n how large a capacity needed to memorize every single word in d textbook??? tetambah lak ngan doctor2 india ni yg sgt fond ngan ayat2 textbook..hmm..dat..excapt dr r***l 😉
    but,memorization alone wont work so..on top of everything..understanding is alwis d keypoint of learning..not only engineers k.. 😉
    2. jus like engineering,medical field is actively evolving day by day wit new findings..anatomy depicted 2 years back is different from today’s anat..dats y..medical practitioner r so-called "learner-for-life" cos..well..for obvious reasons..it keeps evolving so u jus have to keep up..
    3. we studied in large amount for years..bcos..if u compare our syllabus to others..it would be equivalent to d syllabus in 3 other courses..n d skills will alwis b different.. an intern wont be able to recognize a disease jus by looking at a patient,while a prof can immediately point out an abnormality in d scan no matter how small it is..
    4. yess..we work to save lives..but we risk ourselves too..doctors r prone to get diseases from patient too..to name a few..HIV,HBV..viruses transmitted via needles
    5. we don have a specific schedule bcos death doesn’t choose its appropiate time to occur..patients don’t choose when they feel pain,vomiting blood,epistaxis,hemorrhage, or even to give birth..if we have a 9-5 office hours, many patients would have died n dat will affect d population of dat country.. see here..once again we’re risking life bcos when u on-call, it’ll giv some bad effects to ur heart..
    6. salary..well..u can gain more by doing more locums,on-calls etc..besides,only msia pays doctor less than engineer, in western countries..salary is certainly not  a problem..
    7. holidays?? hmm..dis is obviously bcos our sole purpose of job is to serve people wit our knowledge..people will never stop to become sick thus docs r alwis needed..
    8. a lot of ppl needed for an ops bcos we deal wit people’s precious life..it goes w/out saying y a minor mistake is fatal..we don’t merely dealing wit machines..besides..i think,those bangunan yg runtuh2 tu..it too can b caused of minor mistakes rite? salah siapa..salah engineer..hihi..
    9. we work wit faith n fate..personally,dats wat made me choosing dis career..plus,it’s people’s life n happiness we’re dealing wit..it’s no ez task my dear..
    10. chemical odor? hmm..i dun think it happens too often..docs don do lab works..we leave it to technicians.. =)
    11. yess..we deal wit mental,social,emotion n physical also..in fact,we deal wit physical factors most of d times bcos we get clues for diagnosis from physical signs..eg for dis surgery subject i’m reading..there r endless lists of physical examinations in order to elicit a sign…mental,social,emotion..all those factors contribute to a disease..we can’t neglect any part of it however minor..
    12. engineers r supposed to design apparatus rite???
    13. human diseases r of endless lists dear..no matter how specialized a doc is..various cases jus keep coming..
    so now tell me..which professionalism is cool n trustworty?? hihihi…. ^^

  3. another beautiful part of medicine,wat makes it cool,is dat u deal wit d organized systems of a human body engineered by God,not engineered by engineers.. =)

  4. ha.ha.ha.
    ni ape cm nk gado ni??
    x pa la..we can say engineer is cool..but doc is honourable kot..heheh..
    credit to both..yg sure..bkn sng blaja mende dua nih..haih~

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