at last..i realized it on time…eventho a bit late still..heh

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at last..i manage to remember..
aha..syifa’ ni x berguna btol~..sume mende nk lupa..
so it has been one year since abah paid a great visit to makam nabi ibrahim a.s. for a  purpose
so it has been one year already.. year..
stress it out syifa’..ONE YEAR~
*cracking brain try to rememorize..but it seems like there isnt any big difference*
time really flies..~
turned me upside down..
tapi macam x banyak beza pun setahun ni untuk seorg syifa’..eigu..
muhasabah balik plz..
anyway, selamat meneruskan ibadat berpuasa to whom it may concerns..
thanks for berlapang dada..aha..xtau senanye cane nk beterima kasih..dont overwork~
n selamat berpuasa juga to all muslims..
6 ramadhan.syifa’ izhar hisham.seoul
 *sangat terharu dengan abah yang sangat bersusah payah..may the efforts and the consequences all be blessed..amin*

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