keredhaan yang utama~

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yesterday and today we had a meeting with ustaz from malaysia, who is specially invited by JPA for ramadhan celebration.
i like him..very sharp..ngeh ngeh..
sesuai jadi juri..bukan pengomen ek [quoted from him]
what he kept repeating, which i like this phrase sooo muchh is
barangsiapa mengutamakan keredhaan manusia..
maka yang menanti hanyalah kehinaan..
barangsiapa yang mengutamakan keredhaan Allah..
maka yang menanti pastilah kemuliaan..
which if we hold to this sentences all the time..we won’t feel confuse [or buat buat confuse] about the hukum islam in life..especially when we run our life here in me..~
ok ok..i should mention new zealand too..since semalam dah discussed ngan munzir..he agreed with this..
anyway..together we stick to what we believe..don’t let society and atmosphere change us..
islam itu mudah..tapi jangan dipermudah-mudahkan~ 

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