a scratch..



out of my bz time..i think i shud write some of things which are always running in n out of my mind…

lost in my hectic world..still..this two things hav bothered me muchh…

one thing .. i just want to say this to my friend yg jauh di hujung dunia sana..

ambillah berapa banyak masa yg diperlukan tapi kena ingat,
kematian tidak menanti kita. Bila-bila masa saja dia datang.
Macam mana kalau ajal tiba sebelum sempat kita bertaubat n berubah

everytime thinking of u..made me felt like crying..am i not a gud fren to let u follow another different way?

and another thing..i wanna say this to my friend yang di hujung dunia belah sini plak…whom i was totally speechless to ur  story…

jangan berpikir langit kan runtuh
kuatkan hati jangan merapuh


I am all ears if u need an accompany or a listener..thx buddy, at least ur story made me realize..

Wamakaru Wamakarallah, Wallahu khairul maakirin – They planned, and Allah planned (otherwise), and Allah is the best Planner.

everytime i wonder about it..i tot it as unreal..hope diz thing mentaqarrubkan diri kita padaNya..my trust on u buddy..


3 thoughts on “a scratch..

  1. aiwa…Allah is the best planner..sesungguhnya pd setiap perancangn Allah t’hadap kita ada hikmahnya tersendiri..Allahhua’lam..Nice entry..keep it up girl..^^

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