Di manakah ketegasan Saidina Abu Bakar
Di manakah keperkasaan Saidina Umar
Di manakah kewibawaan Saidina Uthman
Di manakah kebijaksanaan Saidina Ali

di manakah kita apabila timbul isu "FITNA" yang mencabar kewibawaan ISLAM dan RASULULLAH

The past three decades have witnessed the growth of a social movement often referred to as Islamic fundamentalism. in the West, Islamic fundamentalism is associated in the media with militants, terrorists, and violent upheavals (like they didnt do it…ouh plz..), such as the bloody conflict occuring in Algeria, the killing of foreign tourists in Egypt, and the September 11,2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the United States.


Just as Christian fundamentalists and sure, any other religion fundamentalists are motivated by sincere and deeply held religious values firmly rooted in their faith, SO ARE ISLAMIC fundamentalists.

The violence that the Western media associates with Islamic fundamentalism is perpetrated by a very small minority of radical "fundamentalists" who have hijacked the religion to further their own political and violent ends. (Some Christian "fundamentalists" have done exactly the same, including Jim Jones and David Koresh.)

so what is with diz kinda FITNA thing??
what is the motive??
ouh sumthing dat wont bother others..will ya guyz?
dont simply say islam is bla bla  and bla bla while u are also not teaching people for justice, peace and tolerance..
provoking muslims and making us angry will just make u lost in many aspects…


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