my two nicest sweethearts

maisarah dearie..
i really hope u dont mind to get diz in entry on 1st of april..i mean altho urs was 18th of feb rite..
eheh..soooo sori..i rili meant it when i said i lost in my mess life…
plus..dok cari gambar awk..x jmpa2…guess u shud update me with ur pics more…sng nk edit..
so my wish is already up there for u…
may d maturity in u maintain with u..for making good rational decision in running ur life in bless
may d maturity corresponds d age..
d shortest distance between a problem and the solution is the distance between ur knees and the floor.
kneel to helps..
mmuahzzzz to my princess there~~
selamat hari lahir!

n to my dear friend there in ump..
got a slice of cake with u huh?
ke slices of cake?
eheh..sorry..for cudnt make it on time diz year…
may always in the bountiful of rahmah…seiring bersama haiwan2 peliharaan awk tuh..
heheh..thanx for d guide d advices d company all this while..
may i always have u beside me forever…insya Allah
sweet fruits are easy to find..sweet talks are easy to hear..sweet people are hard to find..
on earth..i cud find u..lucky me ^^
warmest hugs for u sweetie..
happy birthday!!

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