asia pacific model un (APMUN)

salam wth..
i’m back after 5 days out of seoul…
i’ve participated in asia pacific model united nation conference on 21-25th of july in incheon, south korea…
a nice great new experience…
we represented malaysia and been the delegates for sri lanka..
*in the picture…we held the flags of malaysia and sri lanka..from left step, ratna, me, hisham*


the theme was Achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 : Reducing Global
Poverty and Improving Living Standards through a More Proactive Approach.
and it was divided into four committees, which were
1. Ensuring the Future against threats of climate change : the need to pursue alternative energy sources
2. Strategies for poverty reduction : diminishing the risk of disasters
3. Advancing towards a knowledge-based economy : challenges and opportunities
4. Regional collaboration to stop human trafficking


i chose 1st we talked, debated,discussed about poverty and the resolutions for UN to solve the problem…
since i was the delegate of sri lanka, so i had to talk about poverty in sri lanka and the suitable ways to solve it there..
a kinda thrill task for me..aha..
had to prepare a lot actually about this country and this topic and these un programs…


we had a lot of conferences about UN, plenaries to discuss the topic and at last successfully found the resolution…
kinda nice staying in hotel, having nice meals every time and all..but still, kinda stuck into the schedule…aha..
meeting and making nice friends from all delegations…having cultural nite  which was very great…*got to know their trademark songs and popular dances*
also having a field trip around incheon..*which actually didn’t amazed me a lot since i am korea resident…aha..*


but now…i’m into this…looking forward for another conferences…and for field works in other developing countries…*can i go to afghanistan and iran to help the refugees?? ^^*


and i met my twin there…*aha..ratna la cakap kitorang ni twin…tak tau la sama ke tak..maria kata tak sama..*
and she is from sri i resemble a sri lankan..^_~
i have to injong, saying that i’m not look like malaysian, but sri lankan…
ok syifa????



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