takde kerja II

Anniversary Tickers

Pregnancy Tickers from WiddlyTinks.com

Assalamualaikum wth….

be grateful to God for the nikmat iman and islam..alhamdulillah…
i’d been here and there lately…*to explain why i did not update any here…macam la selalu update kalau duduk rumah pun kan*…
despite of waiting for 19 days more to deliver *which people warned me to be ready for early two weeks delivery* i was a busy bee for wahyuni’s wedding on 12th and diyana’s wedding on 19th and 20th….
anyhow, both events have been great wedding receptions to have experience of….

besar pulak gambar diyana ni..


calculated above by the ticker, 19 days left…so please pray for me….
may Allah ease the process….and may i have the easiest delivery in the world..like pushing the out button and the baby will come out joyfully…
aha….ada tak senang macam tu?



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