salam wth…

ok..saya terlupa nak update dan promote secebis kisah ini…
last two weeks, we had the opportunity to go and get the real story of mavi marmara from ustaz hasannuddin and dr arbaie…alhamdulillah…
a great experience for them…and may they get the best reward from Allah..and so to the other activists especially the syuhada’….
both activists said they could smell kasturi fragrance from the dead bodies while handle them…subhanallah….

well, what i want to promote here is the donation that is in charged by aqsa syarif, with the LA of Palestin government itself…they got the true fresh list of orphans and families who lost their fathers in the war from the government … and they are conducting the program to collect fund from malaysian…
a very nice program and i wish many of us can help lending hand……


refer to the website below to have more info about the program or to know about palestinians…
lepas-lepas, ada org hilang duit-ratus2 habis, ada org kereta
rosak-ratus2 pun habis, ada org belanja kwn makan-ratus2 juga habis,
ada juga yg tak sedar duit habis ratus2. Hari ini, mereka masih ttp mcm
biasa, tak ada kurangnya. Alangkah baiknya jika ratus2 itu didermakan
di jalan Allah. Hidup masih mcm biasa, ta
pi pahla sudah dijamin kekal. Jadi, musim gaji ni dermalah untuk Al-Aqsa. Bank in je." (aqsasyarif, 2010)



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