a tiny voice in my heart says..

salam wth..

old blog.new address.

yesterday i logged in my space blog. msn asked me whether i want to move my blog from space to wordpress.

they offered to help me moving.with all the contents.this is what they said.

then i agreed, since mr nasrul hadi always babbled space is hard to give comment.

tadaa…here is my new blog.ok la..

the problem is..they said they can move all data..i repeat… all data! but now my friends’ blog links are all disappeared. i did not make a copy, since they said they can move all! plus, from today i can’t enter my space anymore.so i can’t copy them forever..

my fault or their fault?

ish ish..so friends, give me your blog address please..to be put here~

after all, thank you to msn for helping me move..kekeke..


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