motivation is nice.

salam wth…

yesterday i got a dr mat jizat’s class..

basically  what he taught was about organizing and organization..

but somehow we entered a psychology part..and i like what he gave as an example for this topic..

dr told us a story of his..which happened when he was a teacher back then..

he said he once taught maths for a class (tak ingat kelas apa, might be primary school or lower form class), where there was a student named kamarul (if i’m not mistaken).. he didn’t know how to read, write, calculate, and of course didn’t remember multiplication…

dr said he did his all out..canning too..(all out la kan bila dah sampai merotan)..

it came to no improvement..he kept should he do??

then he took this special approach..

he called the most beautiful (ini apa dia cakap la kan) girl in the class, and asked her:

“boleh tolong cikgu tak?”

“boleh.tolong apa cikgu?” – sofia

“tulis surat pada kamarul. suruh dia belajar.”

the next day, sofia showed the letter and the teacher proceeded and agreed it to be sent.

they waited for a reply, and it happened to be a week after that. what took him so long? maybe because he could not read and write well…

in the letter, he spelled wrongly most of the words, but the main point is he said “saya janji.saya akan belajar”.

then, school holiday came. 3 weeks of break.

when the school opened again, kamarul showed tremendous excellent performance in class.

dr said he passed the subject, the LCE exam, and be a policeman.

he came to see dr and said thank you for doing such an approach. without dr’s effort, he won’t be what he has be now..


dr was very creative to think that way.

he played with other’s psychology in order to help him.

motivation is nice.


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