tanjung sutera resort is a nice place to avoid the hectic

i’m telling you….dying to write a blog entry to tell about bro nas’ birthday..but sadly, not to mention a blog entry..even sleeping time was also gone with the wind..haha..

assignment assignment..

close to end of class session means close to the dateline of series of assignments…

start with a home made cheese cake, bro nas celebrated his birthday in grateful..

then he received 16 cappuchino cupcakes delivery *which i ordered because i want to eat them too…hehe..dah lama teringin, tapi tak ada occasion..*..very cute and tasty..siapa nak order, sila klik link bawah..


then after sending journal (he) and assignment (me) *dah namanya student kan..*, we went to tg sutera resort at tg sedili, kota tinggi…

it was my surprise though.. he drove all the way without knowing where is the destination…

i just stated where to head to…till….~

i felt asleep and he missed the junction to tg sedili~

tu la..nak buat surprise sangat..jangan tidur la!

nasib baik driver patah balik untuk masuk simpang kampung tu untuk cari masjid untuk solat jumaat..*banyak nyaperkataan untuk*

then i never slept till we reached there around 3..

my surprise worked though!!!

he was amused. startled. amazed.

the place is nice! (i was amazed too)


with a cute bamboo cottage to stay for a night *tak boleh lama lama, duit tak cukup* that i’d booked, and with the fishing pond in front of the cottage, with the nice swimming pool facing the sea… we were overwhelmed!!!!

the resort workers were very good too…

pendek kata.. marvellous!


i hope bro nas is happy with the celebration!!

praise to Allah the most glorious..

*gambar nanti ok.please make yourself waiting*

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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