a good house =)

bila tak ada kerja khusus, tak berrblog la pulak ye..pelik betul..

mungkin sebab bila tak perlu writing ni, menjadikan saya malas pegang keyboard? (in fact, it is true..i prefer books lately)

alhamdulillah…we managed to get a house for rent today.. at indera sempurna..a good residence for us since bro nas can have a ride of ump staf bus everyday to pekan =) (bas lalu depan taman)

nanti jemput lah datang ke rumah ye kalau datang kuantan..hehe

last two weekends, we managed to go to kota singa =)

at last, after one year and half being here in skudai, we’ve got to pass by the selat johor using tambak johor.. tak ada lah jam bagai..macam orang selalu cakap tu..tak tahu kenapa, mungkin sebab waktu tu semua orang dah masuk ofis?

however, it was raining all day long..so we could not capture pictures as much as we want (as usual)..boleh menikmati suasana dengan lensa mata sendiri je….

the most we like about kota singa is marina bay! lovely!! felt like we were somewhere in melbourne / sydney.. (since both of us have been to australia and it felt the same!).. i think because of the bay, the buildings and the environment…cumanya bila tengok orang keliling, tak ada lah nampak mat saleh, nampak chinese aje la..hehe..

parking was very hard to find…it is the mostttt unpleasant thing about singapore we can find…and it made the journey not so nice somehow..

because…how we can visit a spot when we could not even park our car anywhere? suggestion: don’t go there by your own car…take bus and get MRT ok?

one nice thing we could see there is the muslims..since they are minority there, they really appreciate the existence of mosques…they take care of the mosques verrry well…i like!! luar bangunan macam kedai je tapi dalam masjid macam hotel…sadly i didn’t capture any photo there…camera was in the car..

note wafiy in these pictures..sekarang dia suka buat busy bila diajak bergambar..

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