viva forever

congratulations to us – manage to unpack and clean the home in 3 and half days *terrible in unpacking*

am having my viva on thursday.
am not ready.
am nervous.
am aiming to do a heart-wrenching presentation.haha.
am praying both examiners are in their best mood to listen and in no mood to argue on that day.
may the prayer will be answered =]


oh.SELAMAT HARI LAHIR MAK DAN MUNZIR. saya menghadiahkan cucu berumur setahun pada mak dan anak saudara berumur setahun pada munzir. maka tak perlu hadiah lain kan? *bila mother’s day hari tu pun, hadiahnya sama, cuma time tu cucunya 10 bulan. maka mak kata, setiap kali birthday pun, ni la hadiahnya..cuma umur cucu dia je makin naik..pandainya mak ni~*

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