memorable moments at holy lands (seronok + sayu) II

mari kita sambung cerita makkah lagi nak?

this time, i want to share about maqam Ibrahim..

this is it.. the one in that small building..

basically it is slightly in front of the door of kaabah..

nampak tak?

yang ada cahaya depan pintu kaabah (berdepan dengan jamaah perempuan pakai telekung putih hijau tu)

at times, i was startled at the reaction of some jamaah when they got to touch and hold the tomb (since this was my first time seeing it, of course).. they cried, they mourned, they weeped, they howled… yes, sometimes it was too much..

it was something like they were visiting grave.. but i know maqam Ibrahim is not so-called maqam as means the standing spot ( قام – مقام – stand) of nabi Ibrahim a.s.

 so i tried to look into it ensure what i know is right.. and i found the holy stone from jannah (called maqam)

uwa.. subhanallah..the feeling is sooo amazing.. you know, we are looking at a stone from jannah~!!

i’m telling you, something from JANNAH! =)

ok, thinking back about those people who kept crying, howling and mourning.. i, again, was confused..

so they were looking at the stone, and, why mourning? why not praising Allah, or getting amazed, or what so ever that shows a blissful expression?

i started finding the story behind the stone..


 i heard that those who did that are believing in bidaah, memegang maqam sambil berdoa dan meratap semua tu dikatakan akan dikabulkan permintaan.. something like that.. so that’s why they hugged the tomb like they did not want to release it!

so actually the story is about that is the stone where Jibril sent from Jannah for Nabi Ibrahim to stand on it and complete the process of building kaabah..

the width is 40cm x 40 cm approximately.. the height is 50 cm approximately..

when nabi stood on it, the feet sink with the depth of 10 cm, the length 22 cm and the width 11 cm.. besar juga kan tapak kaki nya?

after completing the construction of kaabah, again, Nabi stood on it and engaged people to do hajj, as Allah ordered ..

so here is the function of a stone from jannah, as important as hajarul aswad, which are said as the only two stones from jannah on this earth..

it is said that the maqam was never moved since Nabi Ibrahim’s era, but when a big flood occurred in 17 Hijrah, it flowed to Misfalah (quite a distance from Kaabah).. Saidina Umar al Khattab put it back at the original place  after confirming with other people about the original location.

 the real stone is inside that cooper case.. the top is the cooper which was made because they worried the stone might crack after times..

Allah has said in alquran:

“Dan jadikanlah sebagian maqam ibrahim tempat solat” – Albaqarah:125

Rasulullah said:

“Sesungguhnya Rukun (Hajar Aswad) dan Maqam adalah dua permata yaqut dari yaqut syurga, Allah menghilangkan cahayanya. Andai Allah tidak menghilangkan cahayanya nescaya keduanya akan menerangi timur dan barat” – HR Tirmidzi

so that’s it.. alhamdulillah I was granted to look into it (which was a rare chance because of the crowd), doa beside it for quite a long time, and pray in front of it (quite a distance juga, bukan solat depan depan..mau kena pukul dengan polis kalau buat tu)..

it is a very blissful moment when i got to get close to the tomb.. i was doing tawaf with my sister in law, akma..only two of us..then i did not realize that we were getting close to the tomb…since usually the area was very crowded, so i just looked at the floor to make sure i did not stumble, and i didn’t cause anyone to stumble.. when i looked ahead, whoaaa… the tomb was in front of my eyes..~

i was so excited that i dragged akma to touch it (she was busy escaping herself from the crowd).. when looking into it, touching the golden glass, and doa, the crowd was like..gone.. only two of us, and another two or three persons around it, just like us.. i did not know why the people seemed vanished, but i didn’t have time to think about it. i was busy praying *tak sempat pun bukak buku baca doa yang specific sewaktu berdiri di sebelah makam* since i usually saw some people were urged to leave maqam when they were too long holding it..

i didn’t want to be dragged away before finishing my doa.. i prayed and prayed till i satisfied with the superb moment, then i went away with a blessed feeling.. insyaAllah amin.. the movement were limited however, we were still in our tawaf, so the shoulder should not turn away from kaabah.. luckily we got the side of tomb which let us to maintain our shoulder position.. alhamdulillah, we didn’t get scolded by the police.. =)

maqam ibrahim is also a hot spot, beside hajarul aswad, rukun yamani and hijr ismail.. like i said in previous entry, the second week we were there, all these spots are black area, kalau malas nak sesak dan berhimpit, jangan la kejar ke sana..


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