Half moon shawl XL size

bismillahHalf moon shawl XL size

this time, i want to promote shawls of XL size.
jarang tau ada ni..
banyak design, dan boleh request warna..
harga vary between rm30 – 35.
material yang digunakan chiffon japan, egypt and georgett.
tengoklah gambar ya..

DSC09707 DSC09709 63706_591499470877031_1588945383_n 63720_591499394210372_557300340_n 252082_591499484210363_831709841_n 270256_591499390877039_1116328342_n 431200_591499697543675_916099991_n 481153_591499410877037_1881273513_n 543239_591499707543674_766431628_n 543395_591499704210341_257815900_n 582467_591499480877030_404905106_n 737270_591487570878221_1335196824_o 737547_591490684211243_1274271663_o 738239_591489380878040_1358576403_o


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